3 May 2008

Kami sedang berlangsung liburan ke Bali

That means... We're going to Bali!!! Chris and I just booked a trip to go to Bali for five days in May. Bali is about a 7 hour flight from Sydney and we've heard nothing but wonderful things about this island. We first discovered how wonderful this island is when we booked our accommodations.

We hired a one room villa at a place called Sesari Bali which was recommended by a colleague from work. It all begins on Friday night when a "butler" picks us up at the airport and takes us to our villa. The following morning and each and every morning we are there, the staff will come in and make us a fresh breakfast - maybe an avocado milkshake with chocolate? (Saw that in our Lonely Planet book - we are such tourists).

So once we get to our private villa, we actually don't ever have to leave. We've got our own private pool with lounges, a staff that will happily come and cook any meal we choose and of course a masseur who will come to our villa and give us massages whenever we like. This might be my favorite part of Bali, and we're not even there yet - massages are $15/hour! I think Chris and I deserve a massage everyday by our private pool! It's a tough life!

The area we are staying in is called Seminyak which is supposed to have great restaurants, shops and bars. It's about 20 minutes outside of Kuta (which is the most touristy area) and is close to Ubud (a very cultural area with arts and crafts and some temples).

Again, we can't wait to explore this new culture and can't wait to share our experience when we get back. There will be more posting before we leave. Sampai saat itu, sampai jumpa. (translation: Until then, goodbye)

Countdown... 13 days!


Jordana said...

OMG!!!!!!! I can't imagine a better vacation!! LUCKY!!! Can we SKYPE soon, puuhlease???

Anonymous said...

Hi, am going to stay in Sesari.
Just want to check with you, how is the place overall?
Is the location ok for restaurants and shops?

P/s. did a search and got ur blog's link.

Marcy said...

Sesari was wonderful and the people there were so nice. As far as location, we couldn't have picked a better place. It's right in Seminyak and very close to Legian which has fantastic shops. There are also a bunch of great restaurants right on the main strip in Seminyak (literally down the street from Sesari). Not sure if you're up for it, but I would recommend renting a motorbike for your duration there and using that as a mode of transportation. If you look at my blog post titled "Bali, Buddhas and Bargains" you can see more details on the trip.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcy,
thanks heaps for the info.
Am really looking forward to the place.:)